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Hot Air Balloon Over Wadi Rum

Hot Air Ballooning: Just before sunrise we arrived in Wadi Rum early morning. then you will watch the flight crew unroll and inflate the balloon in less than 10 minutes! Then, you will climb into a big basket for take-off. you will be really excite if its your first hot air balloon flight.

The balloon climbed to about 1,000 feet and you will watch the sun come up over the desert mountains. The flight almost silent. Every few minutes the balloon captain would use a gas burner to heat the balloon to take you higher.

During the flight, the crew on the ground followed the balloon in pick-up trucks so they could meet you for landing. When the basket finally touched down, several crew members held the basket in place as you climb out. Then, the balloon will detach from the basket and deflated. (Be sure to watch the deflation video!)

The tour will be two hours

The Rate 185 US $ per person included the guide in the balloon

Please Note: some time if there is a wind and the atmosphere is not appropriate there will be no flight ( So it is depend of the weather and we can not decide this days )

The Balloon cover just Wadi Rum