Climbing in Wadi Rum

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Wadi Rum contains some of the most spectacular sandstone mountains and cliffs of the world. It has become an internationally renowned centre for climbing. Climbers come from all over the world to discover Wadi Rum and climb its cliffs. Many of the local guides have become competent climbing guides and know the various routes around Wadi Rum.

Most of the main climbing areas are clustered within easy reach of Rum Village. Jebel Rum and Jebel Um Ishrin have several climbing routes with various difficulty levels. Further into Wadi Rum desert there are many popular areas including Khazali Mountain, Al Barrah Canyon, Burdah Mountain and Wadi Rumman.


Climb Jabal Rum

We start from our camp and take the jeep for half hour to the west side of Jabal Rum.
We will start up the mountain by the traditional bedouin route.
We will take some equipment for safety. This will take 3 to 4 hours. This trip can be for 2 days.
You will need only a small bag for what you need to spend the night.
Each one will bring their own food, to be shared by all in the group, and then guide will take care of any ropes needed.
We will hike to the top, enjoy the view and the sunset and stay to sleep.
The next day after sunrise we start down again arriving on the east side near the village of Rum.

Climb Jabal Burdah

The trip up and down this mountain will take 5 hours.
You will cross the bridge on the way but come down an alternative way.
This is an easy climb, a scramble with small difficult part just before and after the bridge.
Which you need a guide to be sure not to miss. You need a mountain guide and a rope.
This route is very exciting with some incredible views.

Climb Jebel Um Adaami

Jebel Um Adaami is 1832M above sea level - Wadi Rum village is 1000m above sea level

A drive through the desert some 40kms to the south to Jebel Um Adaami, and a guided hike to the top, which usually takes about 2 1/2 hours and a little less to come down again. This is a magnificent drive going through the far valleys of Wadi Rum and crossing the beautiful and lonely Wadi Saabit. Just the drive to get there takes an hour and a half, so you should count this as a full day.

On the way back, if we have time, we can look into one or two of the tiny valleys branching off Wadi Saabit - see the Map of Wadi Rum.

The path to the summit of this mountain is clearly marked and needs no rope. It is no more than hill walking, and you are rewarded by the panoramic view over Saudi Arabia to the south and Wadi Rum to the north.

Climb Jebel Khazali

Exploring the valleys and the mountains of Wadi Rum

This is perhaps the most dramatic of the Wadi Rum mountains, and one of the most beautiful places to scramble. It is still possible to see ibex and other wild life here.

We offer a half day, an overnight trip, and a one or two day "cross Khazali" trip on this mountain. In all cases the prices include the guide, the equipment and all meals. The prices are for the group in the numbers stated.

For beginners at scrambling a second guide is necessary for more than 3 people and the cost is therefore higher, sorry! Khazali is a much more serious difficult mountain than Jebel Burdah.

It takes about 3 hours to go up and another 3 hours to go down. We start on the south face up "Sabbagh's Road". This is recommended as a guided route for less experienced climbers and is something between a scramble and the more serious climbing of Jebel Rum. You can come down another way or you can abseil down if you like. This is a very exciting abseil