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Discover the Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum, riding a horse through its stunning landscapes, its
wide sandy valleys, its huge red and golden coloured mountains.
Our tours combine exciting horse riding on fast Arabian horses in unforgettable landscapes and Bedouin culture discovery.
In many ways, the ideal way to visit Wadi Rum is on horseback. The classic 4x4 tours tend to stay on the beaten track and - even more important - you are to a great degree insulated from the desert when riding in them. Few 4x4 tours go further than 20kms from the village of Rum, the majority of them not as far. Trips further afield (some are described in the Wadi Rum pages) tend to be expensive - 4x4s do drink petrol rather fast.

On a horse you realise much better just what the desert is like. You cover the ground at a pace
between a walk and a canter and you are far more aware of the terrain, the towering mesas, the beautiful valleys, the steep cliffs. You rarely venture into "touristic" Wadi Rum; few people except the Bedouin themselves penetrate into the routes used by the horses. Even a one day trek out on a horse will cover some 20/30 kilometers, and you may well see nobody except your party during most of this distance. 

Riding fast spirited Arabian Horses in Wadi Rum is an extraordinary way to discover this fascinating desert and mountain landscape. The terrain of Wadi Rum is generally sandy, vast and open. It provides a beautiful riding environment with long trots and fast gallops exploring the various canyons and valleys around Wadi Rum.


- Unique itinerary to make you discover all the landscapes from this extraordinary desert
- A local Bedouin guide (English speaking) who will take to heart to share their culture, cuisine and music
- Beautiful Arabian horses

Our Rides



Rum Village to Lawrence’s spring and return

1 Hour

Rum Village to Sand Dunes, Anfashieh Inscriptions and return

2 Hours

Rum Village to Khazali Canyon via Lawrence’s Spring and return

3 Hours

Full day horse riding including lunch and siesta

4 Hours

1 night/2 days horse riding including camping

5 Hours riding per day

2 nights/ 3 days horse riding including camping

5 Hours